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Which business should YOU start?

Find out  without risking your time, money and reputation

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When you purchase the Find Your Business Masterclass by Momekh, you get CLARITY on which business is profitable AND suits your passion, hobbies and ideas! 

This proven, step-by-step framework has been used to start a cakes business, a writing business, freelancing careers and e-commerce stores, all in this region, in Pakistan. 

  • Quickly test your business ideas (I use this framework to this day for any new project!)
  • Know which business idea will be the most profitable before risking your hard-earned money and precious time on untested ideas and “whims”.
  • Use proven methods presented here to be on solid footings, confident in your approach inshAllah.
  • Become part of the Momekh family, where ProHobbyists and AddVenturers are helping each other out build businesses they love.

Right now is the time to start your journey and turn pro on your hobbies and passions!

Don’t start the wrong business!


Fact: More than 80% of businesses will fail in the first 3 years

That’s a horrendous fact to say it out like that, right? These are figure provided by research done by Bloomberg… but look around you: so many physical shops open, and then close after a year or two… and what to say of the online business, the blog, the ecommerce store that you never hear of again. 

But why do businesses fail?

Businesses fail because they made a product that no one wanted.

So how do you do the opposite?


How do you craft a product that people want to pay for? 

Get people lining up to pay you for your product, something like:


This Find Your Business Workshop will guide you, the entrepreneur, to craft a product that people are willing to pay for! 

Step 1: Profit Matrix

We use the unique “profit matrix”, and you will GAIN the ABILITY to find profitable ideas in things you already love and enjoy doing!


Step 2: Refinement Protocol

We take the ideas discovered in Step 1 and use hardly-used online protocols to see how many people are ready to pay us!

Step 3: Story Funnel

See the power of storytelling applied to a sales funnel! We will learn and then apply these master tactics to get the first sale!

Dont wait this one out, take action now!

You can pay via Debit / Credit card, bank transfer or Easypaisa/Jazzcash

Sure, you have a few ideas on how you can make money on the Internet:

  • Freelancing your skills,
  • making digital products,
  • selling your creations
  • consulting clients…

you have a fair idea of the different services you can provide and the products you can create.

But will people buy from you? Do you have confidence in the market? What are you basing your confidence on?

And will you yourself be interested in this business after “fun becomes work”?

These are difficult questions to answer, and so many people start their ventures and businesses with the WRONG assumptions about the market. You don’t want to do that do you?

Get the Find Your Business Complete Action Plan and understand and then take action on each step with full confidence!

What's Inside The Find Your Business Complete Action Plan

Idea Tester

  • Learn how to filter the good idea from the bad ones
  • Find opportunities that are unique to your resources – this way you use what you already have!
  • Hobby Testing 101: If you are looking to convert your hobby into a business, then Find Your Business CAP will show you how to WRAP a business around your hobbies, interests and passion
  • You will EQUIP yourself to forever see things differently: you will learn the simple (but hardly taught) tactics to TEST all future business ideas

Finding Profitable Markets

  • Learn how to find areas WITHIN your IDEA where people are spending money!
  • Use readily available tools that are free to do unconventional research… you will see how companies have done incredibly detailed research, all you have to do is use that research… this CAP will show you how to do that for free!
  • Do you want to know where people are already spending money? This way you get to survey rich markets instead of wasting time making a product that no one buys… all in the Find Your Business Action Plan.

The Non-Sleazy Selling Method for Online

  • Deploy the Offer Maker: Use fundamental psychology principles to craft an offer for any idea, product or service you want to check out. Not many people ever learn this, and they miss out on an incredible tool to create an ethical and  irresistible  offer!
  • We will learn how to organize our Sales Funnel online (this alone is worth the price of the entire CAP)
  • You will learn – with worksheets and checklists- how to put together an hard-to-resist Offer

Simply Organized For Action!

  • This Complete Action Plan is built to make it EASIEST for you to TAKE ACTION
  • We have taken a Checklists-based approach to organizing POWERFUL TACTICS — because this FORCES us to focus only on “doable” actions that produce Results… we are certain, God willing, that this approach is the best in our results-oriented .
  • The Promise of Availability: We won’t hide behind a “support email” after your purchase: instead we will available God willing to asnwer your questions!
  • Promise of Honesty: The tactics in this Complete Action Plan are not “theory based” … we use them ourselves for our business as well, so we don’t hold anything back!

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Frequently Asked Question

What are Complete Action Plans?

Complete Action Plans (CAPs) are designed to give you the answer to the question: “What should I do next?

Over the years, we have realized that for the creative entrepreneur, the biggest hurdle can be knowing which is the best step to take… especially when it comes to the tricky and slippery world of marketing and online selling, especially in and from Pakistan.

CAPs are usually light on theory: they focus on the next action you need to take to achieve a desired result.


How can I pay?


You can pay via credit or debit card, and even PayPal.

We use Clickbank as our marketplace and our payments are taken through their reliable, banking-grade secure servers.

And if you have a specific question, you can ask at this contact form.


I am ready to buy, but what if I don’t like the Complete Action Plan?

Worry not, all our trainings come with a 14-day, no questions-asked, rock-solid money-back guarantee.

(hyphen overload in that last sentence there).

If you are not happy for any reason, then we don’t want your money. The idea is that we are confident that you will find value in this Complete Action Plan… but put your mind at ease: if you don’t find value, you can get your money back, no questions asked.


Why the low price? 

There is no catch, the price is this low. I want to share with you reasons why the price is this low:


This price point makes sure that a lot of people can access this information. And that’s the first prioirity – to get to as many people who have a dream of starting their own creative self employment journey.


This reflects my personal philosophy of having “skin in the game”. Putting money into it raises the stakes. No matter how small or big the amount, paying for something changes our relationship with it — also, it keeps the “freebie-seekers” at bay. The community of buyers automatically gets stronger and more focused towards getting the desired result!


Hopefully, you can see that I am being honest and not holding anything back. This Complete Action Plan has no other hidden costs, no “surprise charges” or anything. And the low price — along with a guarnatee — ensures that you can purchase with peace of mind. And maybe, just maybe, after seeing the value our one CAP brings, consider upgrading to the Membership.

So yeah, that’s it: the hoenst reasons for the low price. All the best to you and see you on the inside, God willing