how to manage yourself

How to manage yourself (especially as a student)

How to manage yourself, as a student?

How to better manage and organize yourself, as a professional working a job?

How do I start managing myself?

How can I improve my self-management?

These questions are answered in the video.

We look at the three meetings you need to have with the most important person in your life.

Watch the video: How to manage yourself (urdu).

How to improve my self management?

There are three simple activities you need to perform:

  1. Weekly meeting, where you plan your coming week (See the weekly review training I have on our membership. This has been very helpful for a lot of Pakistani students and working professionals)
  2. Daily meeting, at the start of day. This will tell you what to do today, based on your weekly plan.
  3. Daily meeting, at the end of day. This will allow you to review your scoreboard! Yes, you score your day, so you know what to do and how to do it in the coming day inshAllah.

These three steps, explained in more detail in the video, are going to help you manage yourself better, inshAllah.

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