How to Never Have Problems Ever Again

Two types of people: those who say there is no opportunity out there, and those who say there are so many opportunities that it’s hard to pick.

Seeing opportunities is a skill. And an easy one. The pursuit of an opportunity, being persistent and showing up every day – that’s the difficult part.

It is amazing to see the large number of people who complain there are no opportunities. These people are usually looking too narrow, or not trying hard enough to arrive at a solution. Or both.

A simple formula you can use to convert any problem into an opportunity, I found in my notes. I don’t recall where I got it from but thankfully I wrote the little nugget down.

  1. Whenever faced with a problem, pose it as a question.convert-problems-opportunities
  2. Try to make the question:
    1. Intelligent (does it sound dumb? Rephrase it then!)
    2. Viable (do you think the possible answers to this question are doable?)
  3. Now, add or subtract words from the question to make make it more of a challenge.

A problem bogs you down. A challenge fires you up. Which one would you rather have?

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