I have diagnosed myself with a disease

I just came over to Pir Ghani (a village near Pakpattan). I should know the place inside out. Let’s consider: I have been a regular at the place for the past five years, and the place has not more than a few thousand inhabitants. I don’t know how many students are enrolled in the only school (although I do know that the quality of the education is well below par – surprise surprise).
But the thing is, you wouldn’t expect me to know the place. You would point out that I hardly know the person two houses down the lane where I live in Lahore, so it is pretty normal to not know a place that is 200 kms away that I frequent once every 40 days or so.

Do you see the problem?

I have the same disease that has inflicted our nation, and you don’t need to be Dr Gregory House to figure out what’s wrong here. The disease is commonly called Indifference. Symptoms include a casual attitude towards everything and a high immunity to someone else’s problem.

Note: If you have instinctively thought “well, someone else’s problem is not really mine so why should I really bother?”, then you have the same disease.

If you know a good doctor for this disease, do let me know. Anyone here in a position to recommend any medications?

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