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The Checklist for Removing Distractions

When you think of focus, you are thinking about the thing you want to focus on. That’s just one part of focus. The other part of focus is the list of things you will not pay attention to. These are two fundamentals of focus. You must have a very clear sense of what...

“The 20 year old investor”

“Fifty thousand, don’t say less than fifty thousand.” That was the thought going through my head as I entered the building. I was on time. The lobby was large, smelled nice with a big LCD on one side and sofas on the other. The lady at the reception took one look at...

2 of My Favorite Side Businesses to Start in Pakistan

There are at least 6 profitable ways you can start an online business, especially in Pakistan. Unfortunately, 99% of the people I meet, don’t know this. I am blessed to live a project based lifestyle for a majority of my working career. Out of the 6 business models, I...

The procrastination cure you don’t want to hear

In the article you will find the cure for laziness. That’s a tall claim. But unlike tactics that you hear all over the internet, this one solution – broken down into three actionable steps – will work immediately. Growing up, I was not in the habit...

What are 3 ways to fight inflation (in Pakistan)

I recently realized this: twenty years ago, around 2003, gold was approximately 6,000 rupees per tola. Now, in 2023, it is close to 200,000 rupees. In 2003, I was earning 30,000 rupees per month with my side hustle while I was in college. I was earning 5 tolas every...


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