Hello and salaams!

I want to share with you a hard fact: I faced the same issues of laziness and lack of discipline.

I told myself “I dont have time”

“I have a family to take care of”

… and my favorite “laziness” dialog:

“I will do it one day and then it will be great!”.

But the truth is, I wasted tons of opportunities. Because I didn’t have a SOLID STRUCTURE, I also gave up in the face of a lot of problems.

I was writing down the same “dreams and goals” in my new year resolutions every year!

But by God’s Grace, I have made this training for the old me, so I could find proven methods of organizing one’s life. 

Structure of Success

How to discipline your creativity


You will see how the power of discipline can be used to bring your dreams to life, inshAllah.

This training includes full three modules:

  1. The Dream Breaker Method: We will see the power of dreams, and how we are WASTING them by not BREAKING them! This simple yet uncommon method will connect your daily tasks to your life goals and dreams.
  2. Destination Goals VS Journey Goals: No one talks about this! The end goal vs the proess goal, the lead metrics and the lag metrics, they make all the difference. 
  3. How to Set Up Your Vision, Your Goals and Objectives: we will see how you can be doing a boring, mundane task, and still be able to link it to your ultimate vision

Workbooks are included with this training! 

This training is developed and delivered by me, Mohammad Khan. I am blessed to call myself an entrepreneur, an artist and an athlete. 

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When you sign up for this training (click the button below to start your registration), you will get immediate access to the training AND the workbooks.

You can start right now to bring meaningful change to your life inshAllah, and the workbooks SHOW you how to apply these concepts in your day-to-day life!

I look forward to your success,

See you on the inside,
Mohammad Khan

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