Is this for you?

Let’s do a quick experiment here.

Just answer the following questions in your mind:

BUT first a few definitions. For clarity’s sake. A “Whiner” is someone who whines, someone who complains without any solid reason for complain. A “Starta” is a person who starts things, may those things be adventures, experiments, businesses, ventures.

Now, the questions:

Q: If given a choice, do you want to be a Whiner or a Starta?

OK great, you selected Starta. No one WANTS to be a Whiner. Moving on.

Q: If you have a task that MUST get done, will you give it to a Whiner or a Starta?

Exactly, to a Starta. Or, really, to anyone other than a Whiner. Whiners don’t finish thing. Whiners complain. OK, final question:

Q: You have one life. You MUST live it. Do you think being a Whiner will help you live it?

Great. Now that we know that you understand that this whole “living life to the fullest” thing is, really, not for Whiners, let me show you HOW you can start your journey.

But first we have to understand the Mighty Protocol of Superior Beings

The Mighty Protocol of What?

Of Superior Beings, yes I said it. Check it out here.

Now, if you are already in the know, that is, you are part of the Momekh family, privy to the ethos of the ProHobbyist, member of the Starta tribe and an AddVenturer… then that’s great. Otherwise, click here to become all of the above things. (it’s really just a sign up form, with your name and email, and you join my email list… your eyes don’t turn blue nor your biceps rip your sleeves. Although signing up to my email list will keep you in the know, which is, incidentally enough, where this paragraph started from.