Lahore – places to see

It is quite depressing actually.

I have lived in Lahore my whole life. Hardly know the place.

This page will document my ‘rediscovery’ of Lahore, the culture, the places, the food, the streets and the people.

For some, Lahore is androon shaihar (inner city) and for some, Lahore exists in the straight confines of M M Alam road. Friends coming from abroad either end up seeing the posh side or the desi side. It is my contention that Lahore exists somewhere in between.


What it takes to discover a city? A tough question once you start thinking about it.

I need a plan, a policy of sorts, to follow through. Something that ties this story of rediscovery together.

I have access to the historical perspective of Lahore, and I am tempted to follow from there. Start with the first establishments. Go there, take pictures, eat the food, possibly talk with a few Lahoris there, etcetera etcetera. Nothing dramatic, sorry. But it sure can tie it together.

I am also considering this from a foreigner’s perspective. Thinking of the user so to speak. If I were to point my friends to this page, then it should be easy for them to not only navigate the page, but navigate Lahore itself (or herself; I hear cities are females. Some actually are).

Of course, if you are reading this page to check out Lahore, you’d be pretty bored right now. So just see the pictures below.

I will be sorting them out, God willing, from the historical perspective, when I collect fresher pictures. I also do not want to post pictures and videos of Lahore that are not mine. But some are really, really good. I will post them here with a link back to the source (so send ’em if you got some awesome links for Lahore – and no, Wikipedia links don’t count, I mean pictures, videos, reviews and write ups from original sources). I talk too much.


Eating Out

ZeGrill Art Cafe.

ZeGrill Art Cafe

Location: M M Alam road (see map).

Should you go there? That’d be a yes. 🙂

Why? It is the only upscale cafe that serves actual tea! And the rest of their menu is nominally priced. A great place to hang out. Wi Fi is good too!

My own review of this place can be seen here. Pictures here.


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