How to Start Living the Life of Your Dreams

You dream of big things, I know.

You want to stop doing whatever you are doing with your life right now, and start doing the thing that you always wanted to do.

You seem like a person who has the potential to actually do the things others only dream of. Yet, there you are, stuck in this vicious cycle.

How do you make your dream a reality? How do you take the difficult steps necessary to break free, and start living life on your own terms?

A life that gives you time to do things you truly love to do.

Do you want to know the secret behind this?

*cue orchestra music please* The secret to living the life of your dreams is…

The secret to living the life of your dreams is that there is no secret.

People keep looking for the magic formula, and never find any. Because there isn’t any.

It seems that a lot of successful people, from all walks of life do not seem to believe in any secret. They did what others did not, they kept trying.

If there was a secret…

Quite some time ago, I was setting up a telecom tower for one of the biggest telecom operators in Pakistan. Back in the day, the telecom sector paid good money. Anyways, I had a lot of people from the labor class come and go; foremen, brick layers etc.

I still remember asking one of the better brick layers, what he wants to do with his life (I end up having these kinds of conversations with a lot of people it seems).

“Well sir, nothing much, I intend to keep doing what I am doing,” he said, “and besides, who really knows of the future!?”

At this the foreman, who was standing nearby, said, “I was once a brick layer, but I told myself that one day I will be leading my own team,” — and there he was, leading his own team.


IF there was a secret, a formula for living your dreams, I think it would be that you actually have a dream!

Too many people want to “get fit”, or want to earn “a million bucks”. These are not dreams, these are somethings to say when asked.

A dream should be more refined, it is your dream after all. Your dream deserves it.

Your dreams need to be converted into a plan. 

Any dreamer out there, making plans?

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