Lifestyle design: what it really is

Maths. It is about simple 2+2 type of maths.

You want money, I get that. Why? So you can have this, or do that. Why do you want to have this or do that? Because you always wanted to. Why? Because you perceive that by having this or doing that, you’d be happy. So, simple Maths tells us that you want money = you’d be happy. So you earn to eventually be happy. What is the focus here? Being happy. Pretty obvious, right. Right.

Take a look at your life, and now work the equation backwards. Do not earn money because you have to, find out ways to be happy, and if earning more money is part of that equation, then fine, do it. But make sure you have it ‘figured out’. I assure you, no matter how much you think you have something figure out, it will probably pan out a tad different that you anticipated, but it is far better than pursuing money without realizing why you are earning it. This, as an example, is lifestyle design.

Being a millionaire and having a millionaire lifestyle are two completely separate different things, and when you do that ‘maths’, you realize how true that is. And if you happen to be doing it for the first time, it is almost liberating to find out that money is pretty overrated. The core value are more old-fashioned, stuff like relationships, your beliefs and your activities are what really counts towards improving your overall quality of life.

When you look at your life from a designer’s perspective, when you analyze some and all facets of it to improve them, to tweak them, so they are better suited towards your goal of improving your quality of life, rather than just to earn money or earn more respect or more friends etc, that is lifestyle designs. There’d been lifestyle designers amongst us since the dawn of mankind. The prophets of God were lifestyle designers and the easy-going fella’ who seems to have ‘just enough’ to get by might be a lifestyle designer as well. Are you?

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