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The objective of this page is to help you find a story. Did I get that right?

The overarching vision is to help people live intentional, creative and adventurous lives. I use the metaphor of “living a life of adventure” to promote that idea.

I publish this blog (LifeETC by Momekh) to promote that idea. The blog has a readership in more than 50 countries, with 2000+ subscribers.

Given that I am Pakistani, the idea of living a life of adventure also includes breaking down barriers and stereotypes, helping people think outside of geography.

I run (or have run) a series of small enterprises.

A chronology of recent events:

  • I gave a talk on TEDxFairyMeadows in June 2013. TEDx is an independently organized event and has a global audience.
  • Along with other adventurers, we went to Naanga Parbat basecamp. We came back from the beautiful place exactly 1 days before the tragic incident on the other side of the glorious mountain.
  • Conducted my first workshop in Lahore (in March 2013) on how to convert your hobbies in to a business, called the ProHobbyist Workshop.
  • Gave a 20 minute interview on national television (PTV network) with respect to starting micro businesses to finance one’s adventures.  I have taken a part in a Triathlon in March 2013. I was able to finish my first triathlon and was the only Pakistani in the international event to do so.

More information about the blog (and me) can be seen here.

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