I was on PTV Morning Show (OR The Time I Put On Make Up)

I was invited on a morning show on PTV. Here’s what happened:

(Can’t see the above video? Then click here)

Yes, I know I look weird in short hair. And yes, I actually had to put on make up (BLOODY MAKE UP!!). As you can see in the picture below, I am ecstatic:

Mohammad Momekh on TV!
This also is a first for me. I think.

The morning show is hosted by Juggen Kazim and PTV is the largest television network in Pakistan. </end brag rights>. But interestingly, Juggen does not have a blog (that I at least know of). Maybe she can be helped in setting up her own community and profiting from it in the long term!?

But, nonetheless, it was an interesting experience. The show was live and everything went in a blur, truth be told. I didn’t realize I had taken 20 long minutes on air.

Also, I was called “hugely successful” on air, and that is – apart from being misleading – against what I’m trying to show: you do not need a lot of money to do a lot of supposedly cool, fun, profitable stuff! But as the show was live (and I was pretty much caught off-guard), I couldn’t take the time out to explain that I am not “hugely successful” in the typical sense of the word. Rather, I am successful in the Jimmy Wales sorta way (follow the link to see what I mean). But anyways…

We talked on varied things: it was a morning show.

But I plan to reach out more often like this. I am hoping to spread this message of intentional living and I am hoping you’d join me in any way you can (one way is subscribing to this blog, which instantly makes you look cool).

Now, I am off to working on this secret product that I am launching, possibly in the next few days. The email subscribers of LifeETC by Momekh will receive an email tomorrow morning to give them the *ahem* early bird discount. Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned.

Thank you for sticking around and for your support.

God is great and all is well.

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