The Milk Distribution Case Study is now Live!

After weeks upon weeks of writing, the case study is now ready!


Click here to read the sales page (and if you can find this useful, I hope you will buy this).

I started my own milk brand here in Lahore back in the early 2000’s, when the “dairy farming revolution” was nowhere in sight. That enterprise was successful from the first month.


And like most things with me, it started with a cup of tea.

You can check out the sales page of the case study by clicking here.

I have also included a sample chapter that you can download for free (and you’ll know more about that fateful cup of tea!). 🙂

No Breaks

And one mistake I am not going to make here is to “take a break”. There are no breaks. This is a ritual for me: show up and write. As I have talked previously, showing up and consistency can go a long, long way. God willing.

I wish you the best.

P.S. If you know someone who can find the case study useful, please feel free to forward him/her this message. And if you’re in a University and would like to teach the contents of this case study, we can talk. Thank you & God bless.

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