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In this free guide, brought to your by the Momekh Premium Membership, I show you how to set up your freelancing career in the next 20 minutes, no jokes.

I share with you the exact steps you need to take to ensure you are:

  1. selling to the right people
  2. charging the right price for your services
  3. presenting yourself in the most professional manner


Meet Your Instructor

Hey, Mohammad here!

¬†If you are new to my community, first off, salaams! ūüôā


  • I publish the¬†award-winning¬†creative self employment blog JustAddVenture, ¬†
  • I have been self-employed for over a decade, experimenting, surviving and sometimes thriving in various forms of business!
  • have started offline and online ventures, including dairy farms, marketing firm, design consultancies, freelancing gigs and elearning.¬†
  • I was a judge at¬†Digithon¬†by Jazz, a prize-based competition for startups
  • was invited twice, the last time as a¬†digital influencer¬†to the Digital Youth Summit 2018, Peshawar.¬†¬†
  • as an experiment, I set myself a challenge of earning only from affiliate websites, and then to go on a¬†business-class¬†trip. I by God‚Äôs Grace did it in 60% of the time, and then wrote a 70+ page guide called ‚ÄúTheFirst1000Dollars‚ÄĚ on how exactly to do it (that is available for free on the blog)
  • once wrote an article on dairy farming that lead me ¬†to creating a digital guide, that sells to this day¬†
  • helped my wife convert her hobby of cooking¬†into not one but TWO online businesses¬†¬†
  • have been interviewed in national and international electronic and print media regarding my ventures and addventures,¬†
  • I am not an expert, nor a guru, nor an internet millionaire. I am just¬†a regular guy with a family who earns his living on the Internet. And I also show people like you how to do it in the best possible way.

Mohammad Khan

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