Pakistan Flood Relief

Updated: 22 Sept 2014

Food Items

This “ration pack” is per household.

(This is a tentative list, based on the food items that the government is distributing)

Item Quantity
Atta (Flour) 10 kg
Sugar 2 kg
Tea pack 250 g
Match box 1
Daal Channa (Lentils) 2 kg
Daal Masoor 2 kg
Rice 2 kg
Soap 1
Ghee (cooking oil) 2 kg


Flooding in Pakistan 2014

People need our help. We are now collecting funds for flood relief for the affected.

More details are coming soon…

Please contact me if you interested in helping out in the flood relief effort. You can donate money, time, your energies, your social influence etc to help.

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Previous flood relief efforts on subsequent pages


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  1. nobel cause guys… this is the right medium to spread ur message… inshallah u will get a gr8 response… good luck 🙂

  2. assalam o alaikum.
    You people are doing really great. I also want to join hands with you people.
    I also want to work with you guys to help the needy Muslims who are suffering alot.Please let me know how is this possible to get in touch.

    1. Thank you for the comment Naureen.

      You can use the contact form to get in touch and I will email you the account details. If you are in Lahore, I can also arrange to pick up the donations as well, inshAllah.

      God bless you for your concern and efforts.

  3. I think if its possible would be a good idea to set some means of electronic transfer of funds, preferably through credit card, so that those not in the country can support this initiative.

    1. Setting up a credit card is not as easy. But I am accepting electronic interbank fund transfers. Thanks for the concern and the suggestion Shuja. And by God’s Grace, we are pretty close to our target for the flood relief. 🙂