The ProHobbyist Intervention

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I want to help you figure out the next step in your online business. Answer me this:

when it comes to starting your online business, where are you stuck?

As we are focused on starting an online business, our area of interest lies in:

  1. Starting an ecommerce store of some sort
  2. Teaching online (courses, ebooks, membership sites)
  3. Freelancing

These three main focus areas (out of the 6 business types) can be your ticket to living your dream inshAllah.

The ProHobbyist Consulting Call

I am offering 15 minute consulting calls to help you get unstuck, answer any and all questions relating to starting an online business.

It’s precise: online business. And it’s deliberately short: 15 minutes. I understand, we Pakistanis take almost that much time to exchange greetings and salaams and weather reports and cricket scores before getting to the reason we called. Understandable. But 15 minutes is the allocated time.

So fill in this form, and let us get talking on how you can start your online business.

You can ask me any question regarding starting an online business, and the call is free. There is no sales pitch here. Nothing.

As the time is limited, do prepare a few questions you want answers to. Try answering the question, “where am I stuck in my online business”… the areas where you will be stuck, the best question(s) will come out of that.

Click here to book your appointment and let us talk!

If you’re not interested in online business, that’s cool. If you know someone who can take advantage of this, pass them the link.

Either way, hope this was helpful. Till next time, God bless and talk soon.