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“How Would You Like Me To Hold You By The Hand As You

Launch Your First online Business”?

Launch your online business from Pakistan or anywhere else!

Start your Online Business, Do What You Love, And Get Paid to Do It

Admissions close on July 12th








JOIN now for A one-time discounted payment of only  Rs 25,000

Admissions LIMITED to five only

From: Mohammad Khan
Where: Lahore, PK

What does Your Online Business mean for you?

It is different for different people…

1. You are in a job you hate and you are planning your escape…and you see that you own business as the thing that will ALLOW you to claim your freedom.

2. You have passion and you are good at what you do, and your online business can bring in the cash, so you get to earm from your passion, talents and resources.

But before I share with you why I have created the ProHobbyist 5 Week Challenge… let me ask you this:


Please select all of the questions where your Answer is YES!


 Do you want to start your online business, but you have no idea where to start?

 Do you have a hobby or passion that you just KNOW you can sell online, but you are not sure HOW online selling works, and what’s the first step?

 Are you trying to reach more people with your message, your idea, product or service… but you don’t know what is really working online? 

 Are you convinced that you need to start your online business, but you aren’t quite sure what steps to take? 

 You know you CAN find success in your online business, but you don’t find the time to start? 



If You Checked ANY of the Boxes Above, then I Want to Invite YOU to Join the ProHobbyist 5 Week Challenge And Change Your Life InshAllah!

So, Here’s How The 5 Week Challenge Works

The 5 Week Challenge costs a single, one-time payment of Rs 25,000 

kind’a like 5 of these

You Invest 25,000 One-Time In Yourself… 

Then in Exchange for That 25k Investment, You Get ALL Of This:

The Complete 5 Modules of The ProHobbyist Academy: Step by Step Instructions from Finding Your Business, Building Your Website, Crafting In-Demand Services and Products, Running Profitable Ads and Buliding a Community That Loves You and That You Love to Serve

(Rs 25,000 Value)

5 Weeks of Direct Access: You get direct access to someone who has done what you are trying to do, for 5 weeks!

(Rs 24,900 Value)

Access to Licences & Website Building Tools: You will have your own Divi page builder license to practice site building during the course of the 5 weeks 

(Rs 14,600 Value)

BONUS: Get Your Own Professional Blog for Free: You get access to your own professional blog at that you can use to start building your community!

(Rs 39,000 Value)
At US$235 

LIFETIME Access to Course Material: Any time you feel the need to REFRESH your skill set, you will have access to the course material and you won’t need to pay for a re-admission 

(Rs 25,000 Value)

Total Value: PKR 128,500

If you want to start building your dream business, then this is the Challenge that I am giving you…

For Only Rs 25,000, You Get Access to Proven, Step-by-Step Training, Weekly Challenges So You Know What to Do, and Live Mentoring… This is Your Chance to Build Your Business The Right Way, inshAllah