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You can check out the Profit Matrix training by clicking the link below:

> Profit Matrix (free tool to help you find your business)

I highly recommend that you also make sure you get the email (see below).  Why? Because this page you are seeing here, you may not later find it. But the email, you can refer back to it whenever you want to go through this training again. 

Step 1: Get the full picture

Profit Matrix helps you find the common ground between what you love, and what people will pay for.

But the profit matrix is part of a complete action plan (CAP).

Find Your Business CAP has two more modules, that will:

  • REFINE the idea even further,
  • and then actually CRAFT the OFFER for your business!

These are powerful tools indeed, and you can check out more about this Action Plan at the ProHobbyist site:

Find Your Business Action Plan

Step 2: Check your email

This is Mehreen’s spam folder. You see that unblurred email, the one on the top? She signed up for the Profit Matrix and couldn’t see the email in her main inbox. The email was languishing in the spam folder.

Check your spam folder if you didnt get my email

 So Mehreen checked her spam folder, and found the email. She also whitelisted my email address ([email protected]). Mehreen is smart. Mehreen is cool. Be like Mehreen.



The free tool Profit Matrix works and is on its way to your inbox… if it’s not there in the next 10 minutes (and you have, like our sister Mehreen there, have checked your spam folder), then you can write to [email protected] and your problem will inshAllah be fixed ASAP. 

Mohammad Khan / Momekh

Mohammad Khan / Momekh

Founder of the ProHobbyist Membership

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