Putting Your Neck On The Line (PYNOTL)

If you plan to do something, don’t tell anyone till you do it

Tell me you have heard this nugget before. And I will tell you this nugget sucks.

Here’s what I plan to do, written ‘diary-style’ 🙂

I have to save enough through my online earnings within this year to have access to US$ 45,000/-. A lot of things are at play here when this figure pops up in my head.

First, 45,000 US dollars annually is not a big pay scale for pretty much any professional in the ‘first world country’, and anyone that I am reading or following online, achieves this easily and does not even consider this a viable target to live off of.

Me being here in Pakistan, 45k US dollars per year is a very inspiring target. That is almost 45,000 x 85 = 3,825,000 Pakistani rupees. And that, my friend, is a lot of money to earn from one single enterprise.

I can buy a four-by-four, and travel to two destinations in business class, with family. Although that is not the strict reason why I have set this target, but like I said, without a target, I am clueless (obviously, being aimless is what makes me clueless, both being directly proportional).

I find targets inspiring and it gets me going. Targets are a good thing, only if you know you can really, truly do it. They need to realistic enough to actually be imaginable, and far-fetched enough to inspire you to do them.

Setting the wrong target is possibly the reason you failed at doing what you planned to do. Think about it.

For all other incomes

I plan to spend that on a fairly-strict budget, on family and household expense. As far as my exceptionally limited knowledge is concerned, this should not be a problem, inshAllah. Anything that doesn’t get spent (and I am hoping that there’d be a fair amount), that monies get saved. Not for a rainy day, mind you, but to spend on bigger things perhaps.

Profession = Interest = Profession.

I. I like. I like to. I like to design. I like to design websites. I like to design websites based on WordPress.

I like to design WordPress themes, and see them live. This ‘profession’ fits in nicely with my affiliate marketing sites, but I should not overdo this, as ‘designing’ something can easily get in the way of ‘putting up a live site’ quickly.

Putting my neck on the line

This is inspiring in itself and possibly my biggest challenge this year. I don’t plan to put this plan online on my personal blog, but why the hell not? I cringe at the thought of me in front of a camera (vLogs) but I plan to now do these stupid videos quite frequently. I plan to be an ‘expert’ on the Internet and Blogging and New Media within Pakistan in the next 6 months; I am scared of putting myself on the line like this, and that is what reminds me how I have changed. This ‘scare’ was not there when I laid it all bare. Hah! But I expect to do some ‘supposed’ crazy things, like shoot videos, have fun, be ‘more adventurous’. I also have this nagging feeling that I will put this online, because currently I think that this is ‘not cool’ to do, you know, say it like this. But I will put it online, and won’t edit this part, for you to read.

Are you reading?

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