Goals for Q2 2014

Here are the goals that I will, God willing, mark off as done on June 30th, 2014.

I will be adding threads to this thread every Friday, God willing.

Updating this thread will now be part of my Friday Refresh. God willing.



Ritual Based Goals:


Weekly Reporting: 1322 x 7 = 9,254 words per week

Project Based Goals:

Weekly Reporting: ?



  • Hire bakers so that the owners (my wife!) can keep the show running without direct technical intervention.
  • Move out from the home-kitchen to a bakery. Requires capital, which Cakes.PK can now, Alhumdulillah, afford.



Weekly Reporting: ?



  • Online Products:
    1. ProHobbyist Course Launched
    2. FindYourBusiness eBook Launched
  • Radio Show:Five episodes ready? Three are interviews?
  • Events:WordPress meetup in Lahore with at least 25 people? (paid or free? Sponsored or not?) Online Business from Pakistan event with at least 25 people. (w/ ticket price).



Weekly Reporting: ?




Should have processed at least 5 new sign ups. Target market: cooking hobbyists who want to share their creations online and possibly sell them too. Complete online infrastructure: cooking-related SEO for themes, hosting and content-marketing support. Smugmug for cooks.



Design By Momekh 

Weekly Reporting: Number of P/D’s worked 5×2=10 P/D’s.



  • Two WordPress Themes in the wild. Possibly at ThemeForest.
  • Work Rate / Ritual: A total of 20 days with 2 P/D’s each day, every month (A P/D is a pomodoro > 30 minute). So that’s a total of 20x2x3 = 180 P/D’s for the quarter.


And the DETAILS for the above goals is as follows:

OK, so here are the details of the above goals. I am serious about this.


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  1. I read this, word to word. Havent moved on the the report next is that. Every motive is filled with a story, energy and sense sense of achievement. Except why do you want to quit smoking, as we are and should not promote smoking I would like to have a word with you on that in person and the hostorical power it has. How tobacco is the highway to being the social animal we are!

    1. hahaha… social animals indeed! 😉
      This is CANI baby, CANI! Constant and NeverEnding Improvement. God willing. I have tried three times to quit. Have not succeeded so far. aik din aayae ga (inshAllah)

      And thank you for appreciating and recognizing the purpose. Rock on my friend, rock on. 🙂

  2. A very good start. This way all the people will ATLEAST give a thought that they should start their own goals and reports on goals. This will help many people.