Weekly Reporting for Q2 2014

Weekly Report on Goals for Q2Y14

Right off the bat: Only been two days since I “installed” the Quarterly Plan. So this is Day 3.

This should be quick.

Briefly, 4 projects and 1 ritual that are being tracked.


4,291 words written in the last two days. I am ahead on schedule on this. Alhumdulillah The target was 2606 words for the two days.


The goal was to get the sales page up and be able to accept at least 5 new sign ups. That’s the goal for the next three months.

I was actually able to get my head around the new hosting platform (it’s a newer, better one than the previous host). Set up the basic backend. I should be able to move a few sites over in the next few days inshAllah.


This is the most troublesome project: It is very easy to waste time while designing. My monthly target is 10 P/Ds (a 30 minute slot of time is 1 P/D). That was the monthly target. In the last two days, I have clocked in 10 P/Ds. At this rate, I will “run out” of time allocated in the next few days.

I need to adjust the # of P/D’s and give a lot of weight to some deliverable. I am working on a WordPress Theme, so I should associate the # of P/D on a more granular level. Something like “complete the page templates in the next 5 P/Ds”.


I have actually completed and submitted a guest post to the Payoneer blog. I need to give a lot more time on sorting out products and their respective funnels. I remember a time when I didn’t even know what that last line meant. Alhumdulillah :)

Podcast: no big thing done so far. Do plan to really give a listen (immersion) to the new Podcasting course on Fizzle; and then let THAT give me the answer to “what next” when it comes to podcasting. This makes me recall Chris Guillebeau’s most-sought-after superpower: the power to know what to do next.

Events: No progress whatsoever.

Products Development: No progress. Though I need an outline and will work on that. Thinking of counting the words written in outlining as the number of words written for the day. The writing target bothers me the most; I fear I will miss it one day, and the shit will hit the industrial, 19 blade, titanium alloyed fan.


No progress as such. Apart from the fact that cakes are being sold at a steady pace (Alhumdulillah), I haven’t done much with regards to the Quarterly goals. Still have to interview the part-time baker as well. O wait, today, while riding my bike, I did ask around if there is space available for a bakery. So maybe the act of “asking” itself can be counted for something.

And speaking of bike, I got myself a used 150 CC motorcycle to help me do two things: move from point a to b, and to help me travel the country on a bike. I have, like so many things, no clue what I’m doing. :P

But the bike runs smooth, has good sound, good pickup — needs work though, so there is a chance for bonding! Hehehe :)

What did I miss?

Oh and one more thing: I will be counting this post here towards my writing goals (primarily because I am writing this on Scrivener – a software that I am really beginning to like). And no, I don’t and won’t count Facebook status updates towards the daily word count (unless, of course, I compose them on Scrivener ;) – which I don’t, so it’s OK).

There are other “routines” that I need to incorporate into my weekly reporting. Routines relating to matters of health (hitting the gym) and spirit (reading the Quran).

And one of the biggest takeaway, in the last two days, was that it is HARD to track stuff. It forces you to think. So this means I need a quite a place, a coffee and a clean piece of paper. A cricket crickets somewhere and I lose all focus. Do crickets cricket? It’d really be cool if they cricket. I wonder what the fox says.

I have made a small list of things that I can track on a weekly basis. This is important. Crickets be damned.

If you notice the first and second post in this thread, you will see that against Weekly Reporting, I have put a questions mark. I don’t know what variable needs to be tracked over a week, to help me move towards my goals. Isn’t that grand? I mean, to think that I am actually teaching people about goal setting and blah blah blah… what was I thinking!

But that’s a serious problem, and in just two days, that problem has shown itself clearly and forcefully.

Part of next week’s goal is to come up with Weekly Reporting variables for each project. That’s some meta goal-setting right there.

849 words baby.



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