road to sales by momekh


To enable the sales person to attain the right mindset and proven tools to plan their days and weeks based on their job role: to sell and grow your organization.

Sales is a duty to guide your client in their journey

We will be covering time-tested methods of goal setting and how to plan one’s work day.

Before explaining goal setting, a thorough understanding of the sales process will be given.

This will include:

  • The Road to Sales: showing them the importance of their identity as a salesperson and their importance within the organization.
  • Building Profitable Sales Funnels: how relationships are built and pipelines are filled (Prospecting). 
  • Understanding the Role of Follow Ups in Sales

Then we will go into goal setting and how each professional needs to take ownership of their schedule. 

This will include:

  • Understanding the Disciplines of Execution
  • How a Big Goal is translated into a weekly plan
  • How to Implement a Behavior-based approach to achieving the toughest goals
  • How to Keep Score on One’s Progress (Lag and Lead Measures)
  • Implementing the 543 

This will be wrapped up with a practical on how one can implement the 543 Follow Up into their work day. 

By The End of the session, each team member will have a clear understanding of their importance to the organization (self-esteem and motivation) and will be able to back that up with a solid game plan to improve their performance (become action-oriented and accountable).

The training is designed and most suited for a maximum of 15 persons.
It is available in on-location, off-site and virtual formats.