Start Internet Marketing

If you are looking for a quick buck, go away.

If you think Internet Marketing is easier than other ‘offline’ businesses, and you wouldn’t have to work much to earn X amount of money, please, go away.

If you think that:

  • Internet Marketing can make money for you in your sleep
  • Affiliate marketing will get you earning 1000 dollar a day from day 1 (or day 2 for that matter)

Then please, save your time and don’t waste it here.

This section is the hard way of earning money online.

I am sure there is an easy, in-your-sleep way of earning money online; in my 12 years of being online I have not found it.

If you are still interested in learning Internet Marketing (affiliate marketing, earning money online, passive income online, whatever) as a serious contender, as a “starta”, as an entrepreneur, then read on…if not, go away.



Sorry, I had to say that. And I learnt this from a teacher at college. Third semester, if I remember correctly, and first day of this supposedly “easy-A” subject. The teacher – great guy, we’re still in touch (thank you Facebook!) – walks in, this diary in one hand, goes straight to the podium. Students are only beginning to settle down and he says, out loud,

“those of you who joined this class because you thought this was an easy A,” he is now looking down at the carpet, almost concentrating, “those of you who think that this subject is easy and especially those of you who think that you do not have to work much to get a decent grade, please leave now!” But he doesn’t wait for a reaction, “you can take this class next semester, possibly from a different teacher, a different section, but this class will not be an easy A,” he then looks up, scans the class, almost breathing in the air – a dramatic pause if there ever was one – and then says, “I will make sure that it is not!”

He then leaves the class, saying he will start proper classes from next week (it was a weekly class). I still remember, out of the 35 or so students, only 15 of us remained; the majority decided it was in their best interests to find easier routes. In the second class, he told the battle-hardened 15 band of brothers (and sisters) – OK, so I exagerrate a bit here – he tells us what I am telling you now,

“sorry, but I had to do this. I had to get rid of the non-serious types. There is much to be done, much to be learnt – I may not be a good teacher, but then again, maybe the secret to be a good teacher is to find good students!”

What Internet Marketing Is Not

Too many people think that Internet Marketing is an ‘easy A’ business. If you do think that Internet Marketing does not involve much work, then now is the time to fix that misconception. It takes hard work, but not as much if you are ‘smart’ about it. But work is definitely there; you’d have to work.

Internet Marketing is not a one-off, not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is a business. Something that requires a proper set of systems to actually work.

Much like offline business, Internet Marketing comes with its own set of problems and also with its own set of advantages. And one of the biggest advantages of Internet Marketing, the thing that is easier to achieve with Internet Marketing than any other business/work, is the freedom. Yes, it is not tons and tons of money. It is about freedom. That is what sets Internet Marketing apart.

There is also the large amounts of money. Yes. But that’s with any business, not just online business.

I assure you, people from all walks of life have been living the so-called “dot com lifestyle” long before there was a dot before any com. And I am not talking about some visionary business leaders, I am talking about everyday people, like you and me.

Why You Should Start Internet Marketing

Because, frankly, it is easier to start. Compared to pretty much any other business, Internet Marketing is possibly the most ‘low cost’ business. A lot of people got into Internet Marketing because they did not have oodles of cash to invest in a more *ahem*  serious business. They only later find out that Internet Marketing and business online is as serious – and sometimes much more profitable – than any other type of business.

The other thing about Internet Marketing is the power of distribution that it gives you.

Yes, distribution.

This is an important concept to understand. Any business that hopes to make a profit does one thing, and that is ‘provide’ a solution to a problem. Most of the ‘solutions’ are easy to make, and much easier to acquire. It is the provision bit that makes the difference, and that is where most money is made.

Due to its very nature, Internet Marketing gives you a massive edge in terms of distribution. You can market a product as easily in New Zealand as you can in Pakistan or the United States. Of course, depending on logistics and the type of product itself, you may find one product impossible to sell in one location, but the power of reach and distribution is still there, thanks to the Internet.

What To Expect From Your Online Business

You will be able to:

  • work from anywhere, needing only a computer and an internet connection
  • earn a decent income that you can live off of, with the possibility of earning pretty much as much as you can dream of

Again, I repeat, the above two ‘features’ of Internet Marketing are not unique to online business; they are just easier to do with business online than with business offline. And when I say “easier to do”, I don’t mean you can do it in your sleep… (please re-read the first paragraph of this page!)

How To Start And Make Money With Internet Marketing?

The following diagram should help:

Start Internet Marketing
Steps To Start Internet Marketing. There are many ways of starting with online business, and these steps are just one of the ways that actually work

Learning While Earning

I have written a small book (about 70 pages) on how I earned my first 1,000 US dollars from Affiliate Marketing. You can download it – for free – by clicking here

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  1. Shukran for this post. It’s great to always hone in on a good idea.
    Am subscribed to your newsletter and connected on G+, looking forward to connecting more.

  2. Another eye-opener from you @khan saheb.. I believe non-technical folks think that internet marketing is going to generate tons of money in a week but in fact it isn’t a child’s play. It is one of the easiest business to start with but it could be the hardest one to get most out of it. Anyone having a computer + internet can start it but only those who have knowledge + determination make their way towards success.