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How to get the most out of your existing (or soon to be) website. Whether you site is an ecommerce store, or a information product based business, these proven tactics will get more customers in the door for you. Check them out.

The Dairy Farming Guide by Momekh

dfgMy guide on how you can start a life-long business of dairy farming.

Closer to nature doesn’t mean ‘living in the woods’, it means access to the purest produce nature has to offer. Dairy Farming is part of the plan to converge one’s needs and one’s source of income.

  • Dairy Farms fail not because of wrong tactics, but because of bad strategy. This Guide gives you the proven strategies that will increase your chances of success, God willing.
  • 60 Days Rock Solid Money-back guarantee
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As with all things here, the Guide is a mix of research and personal experience. See the Sales Page for more details and/or to purchase.


Milk Distribution Case Study

start-your-milk-brandThis is a case study of how I started a small, domestic milk brand.

We didn’t place our milk in shops. We delivered milk to hundreds of houses every day.

  • Started with less than 100,000 rupees.
  • Reached 280 liters per day within one month.
  • Profitability was more than 7 rupee per liter.

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