Love Your Blog

If you’re reading this, you already know that a blog itself does not make you money; a business does that. Is your blog a good business? And most importantly, how can you make it better?

This review is designed to do one thing: help you make more sales via your blog.

How about getting a list of “things to do” that once you do, can literally convert your blog into a business?

Get a review of your blog and get that list of strategic and tactical actions you can take.

What you will get.

You will get a report (in PDF format) delivered to your email inbox. The following areas will be covered:

  1. Brand & Image: The content strategy you have vs what it should be. This is critical in designing your blog’s overall strategy.
  2. Design & Layout: The information architecture for the sake of making your blog easy to use and navigate for your readers.
  3. Traffic & Social: Two aspects will be covered: your overall on-site SEO of the site and the social media presence of your brand/blog. Tweaks will be suggested to help you drive more traffic from Search and Social.
  4. Community & Business: How can you build a loyal community of readers, and if you want, how that readership can start buying from you. As like other recommendations, these will be based specifically for your blog and will be presented as action items for you to take.

From the time you make the payment, it will take me between 5 to 7 business days to carry out this review. I do this myself (no outsourcing!) and I want to make sure that you get the best advice, tailor-made for your blog.

I only succeed with this if your blog succeeds as a business, God willing. So I take this seriously. In fact, if I feel that I can not directly help your blog, I will tell you so and refund hundred percent of your money.

How to get the review

The blog review (with all the important elements of your blog covered!) is at an introductory price of US $129.

Click the button below to pay immediately with your credit card.

Once you have paid, you’ll be asked a few critical questions regarding your blog/site.

Note: All major credit cards and PayPal accepted. Payment is done through banking grade SSL protection via Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Momekh & Co.




Common Questions

Q: Will I make the changes that you suggest myself?

Yes. You can pass the report to a web developer, or you yourself can make those changes (but someone with a sound knowledge of HTML, CSS and some PHP is required to make the changes).

Q: How quickly can I get the review? 

I require 7 working days to fully review your blog. I will be asking you an initial set of questions via email (that we’ll exchange after you’ve booked your review) but most of my work will be done exploring your blog and your industry (if applicable in your case)

Q: Is this for personal blogs or corporate blogs?

As long as you’re trying to serve a community, the blog review can help you maximize your site’s potential.

Q: I don’t have a blog yet… can we discuss about my idea of the blog? I will book the review and you can tell me how I can start my blog as a business?

Unlikely. This service is particularly to give you a full-featured, to-the-point, action-oriented report and evaluation of your existing blogs.

Q: I just started my blog. Will the review be helpful?

See answer above. But you can book your review and answer the primary questionnaire – if I think a blog review will help you, you’re on. Otherwise, I will refund your money, no worries.

Q: Why should I pay you to review my blog?

I’ve been doing this for some time now, this blogging business. I have offered this as a limited service to use my experience to help others, in this case you. I blog as a business and I can help you too, God willing. Between almost a 100 endorsements on Blogging, to an award-winning blog that has taken me places (from TEDx to national television), I believe I’ve something of value to give you. God willing.

Q: I don’t know much about you, how can I find out more? 

You can see my blog at

Q: I think you’re talking to yourself.

That’s not really a question but yeah, that’s a possibility.

Q: How can I contact you to ask a question related to this Blog Review? 

You can use the contact form here — that goes directly to my inbox.

Q: Can I get a discount?

The price is already discounted. I will take it near the three hundred dollar mark after I’m done with the eight reviews, God willing.

Q: Can you place that big, reddish, beautiful button below so I can click it and book my review?

Sure, I thought you’d never ask. Here you go:

Click to book your blog review