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I like to call myself an adventurer. So imagine getting a job with that on your CV. Speaking of jobs, I want you to quit your job. Because in all probabilities, it is holding you back. The world is too awesome to be sitting behind a desk for 40+ hours for 5 days straight.

I want to help you start your own business. Nothing big, but something that can help you become self employed.

The idea behind being self employed is not to make tons of money, it is to have financial freedom. So you can do bigger and better things. You can end up making tons of money. Tons. But that’s not the objective. Money is a means to an end. For God’s Sake, please get over it.

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If you are happy with your job and have no interest in leveraging what you already have etc etc… that’s cool too. I wish you all the best!

Be curious. Peace out.