The best way to upgrade your job may be this easy…

There are THREE ways of looking at work. Any work, either as a business or as an employee.

And out of those three, the worst one is the most common…

One Job, Three Perspectives

The above video explains (in Urdu) how we can go from a Job to a Career and perhaps even a Calling.

It’s all about them neurons man.

An electrical spark, firing in your brain, giving you all these perspectives.

We have significant control over which neuron fires when.

You are working a job, and you hate it? Change that because you CAN! Why won’t you? Two ways to work, really: do what you love, or love what you do.

Don’t hate your work. Your work is your contribution. Make it count. Pursue excellence. God loves those who pursue Excellence.

Hope you are having a good day. #Bismilla

Self Help Video playlist by Momekh

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