The Coolest Dude in Pakistan

Of course, this is a joke. And also a test. And a matter of convenience.

The Coolest Dude in Pakistan

I am the coolest dude in Pakistan.

How is this a joke? It’s a joke because well, it’s a joke.

It is a test, because to rank for the “coolest dude in Pakistan” requires some level of Search Engine Optimization tactics. Which I claim to have.

And finally, it is a matter of convenience. I mean, when I meet people, they ask me about my blog address and I am all like, type in to your browsers, and they are like, “momin dot com?” and I am like, “no, as in M-O-M-E-K-H” and it gets very confusing.

So it is convenient that I tell them to just hit up Google, and search for the Coolest guy in Pakistan. But I’d prefer Dude. Because I am really, a dude. Through and through. The coolest one at that, but that’s not the point. So, when they do search for the coolest dude in Pakistan, it is first of all, easier to remember such a ridiculous thing, and it helps break the ice (unless they think I am totally crazy and very un cool and not contact me at all, which is better for both of us I think).

But at the end of the day, ranking for something like “The Coolest Dude in The World” would be totally awesome, but I am right now content being the Coolest Dude in Pakistan.

If you have read this far, then you probably want to get in touch with me, or read my actual blog? It is at, that’s M-O-M-E…ah, fuggedabaatit.