The First LifeETC Local Meetup. In Lahore

These are all people who are doing something and now want to do something more! Add more adventures, more awesome into their lives. 🙂

The scale of what you are doing doesn’t matter: one runs a site with 25,000+ paying members, one has the largest selling design in an international marketplace. One is a swim coach, another a pro chef. Another is a housewife looking to do freelance work, another is a journalist wanting to increase his impact.

The variance and possibility of adventure can not be missed!

The first batch of professional addVenturers is ready! 🙂

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Now, the pictures!

 Why Meetup

Has this happened to you? You come home feeling all energized and wanting to do something. You really can’t put a finger on it yet, but you feel good about yourself. Chances are you came home after meeting someone who made you feel good about yourself. Someone who encourages you, someone who supports you.

You know that if you want advice on an idea, you can get together with that person. That person will not reject your idea, but will hear it out. And then will help you get it off the ground.

Those kind of positive, creative, supportive people are hard to find.

Now imagine if you get such people together.

I think we were able to do just that. Thank you all for showing up. Loved the casual discussion we had, and the connections I know you all made with each other.


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