The Friday Refresh: May 6, 2011

Well, interesting week this.

This is the second episode of The Friday Refresh.

Dairy Farming in Pakistan

I have made a whole section on Dairy Farming in Pakistan. A lot of people are signing up on my blog via the Dairy Farming post, and I want to make this section the ultimate resource on setting up a dairy farm. It is far from that right now, with only two links, but as this blog progresses inshAllah, there will be a lot more.

I have met some amazingly knowledgeable people during my 2 years of research and involvement in the livestock farming sector within Pakistan. There is a lot of information that needs to presented in an easy-to-understand and a profitable manner. Here’s hoping that I get to help more and more people.

Internet Marketing / Making Money Online

I must confess, I was pretty happy at the surge of traffic and lovely comments that my post on Earning 1,000 dollars online got.

In mid June, I will be heading out to the southern part of Africa with the ticket I have earned strictly via online means, God willing. The cool thing is that you can do this pretty much part time (because earning 1,000 dollars in 6 months, is seriously folks, not that big a deal!). But think of it this way: this is bonus money. You can buy an iPad 2 with this, or whatever. 🙂

If you are interested in doing this yourself, I have finally managed to get the ebook ready! Well almost.

The ebook is a detailed step-by-step guide on how I used Clickbank to generate over 1000 dollars.

I always thought I’d sell the book, at a modest price of 47 US dollars. Most of the information in there, I got by paying for some seriously heavy courses. And the cool thing is, I only applied some of that information and managed to get 5 times my money back! So I thought it would be a real valuable deal; I even had the whole ‘Money back guarantee’ planned; “If you do not make the 47 dollars back within the first two months, then you can ask for your money back AND keep the book!”

I totally expect you to make AT LEAST a thousand dollars by applying the information withint this ebook. Check out the download page for the First 1,000 Dollars ebook. Tell me what you guys think?

I have now committed to take Internet Marketing seriously, God willing. Subscribe to LifeETC to join me in my journey.

The Power Of Social Media

The online community of Pakistan is quite vibrant, and one of us was in the thick of things a few days back. I say that lightly.

Sohaib Athar, an old friend I have met at numerous blogger meetups here in Lahore, is now the, and I quote, “the guy who liveblogged the Osama raid without knowing it”. His Twitter follower count shot from around 750 to about a hundred thousand in 24 hours! I read about it on TechCrunch, then Mashable, and that was enough for me to know that this will go mainstream like crazy. And it did. I even had a friend from Express News call me,

“you have him on your friend’s list [on Facebook], can you get in touch with him?” he asked.

Wow. And as cool as I’d expect Sohaib to be, I wasn’t disappointed at all after reading this post. Rock on, man!

And lastly, I wish you all a FRESH, brand-spanking-new Friday! It’s Jumma Time Folks. 🙂

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