The Job and The Struggle

Recently we talked about identifying our job. We also saw how we can ritualize the work: show up everyday for our job.

My job is to write. To design. To solve problems. Not necessarily in that order.

I do it every day. I must. That’s my decision.

I have also outlined the following articles and guides that should be available in the coming weeks, God willing:

  • Accepting Online Payments in Pakistan – the Problems and My Solution
  • Selling Digital Products Online in Third World Countries
  • The Biggest Problem with Setting Goals – even when you achieve them!

These are problems that have surfaced again and again. I have received emails by folks who face these problems. I myself have gone through them. InshAllah, these free resources will prove helpful. I hope.

I am designing a theme for WordPress as well. So I try to spend at least one hour everyday in front of Aptana – coding and designing.

But these are my jobs. And my rituals. What are yours?

I Am Not My Biography

I have always failed at writing regularly in the past. My past would suggest – very clearly and loudly – that I am unable to write consistently. But my decision to show up everyday changed that.

I decided some months back that I will write at least 500 words per day. I was finally able to get the eBook complete: it was released Alhumdulillah last week.

I am working on another one – a collection of notes on living a life of adventure. This manifesto will be free.

Change can be that easy. A matter of decision.

We tend to think that our future is determined by our biographies. Our past determines our future.

It does if you let it. Past has passed. Decide how your future will look like.

Our decisions determine our future.

And once we decide, the struggling starts.

Let There Be Struggling

After I’ve released the eBook, I am now struggling to come up with another one. Writers write, right?

I am already making some edits, hitting up different blogs and newspapers for guest posts. I am also working to start teaching, talking with universities in Lahore, Islamabad, Dubai!

Struggling may be a negative word, but it serves the purpose: I am working towards better goals. And better goals demand that I get out of my comfort zone. They are supposed to make me struggle.

I know I will enjoy the struggle once I’ve done it. But it’s a struggle nonetheless.

I have now decided to explore the relationship between hobbies and our work. I am a designer, a writer and an entrepreneur/adventurer. Designing and writing can be called hobbies. Entrepreneurship (problem solving) is just an excuse to practice curiosity.

I look forward to serving the growing community at LifeETC and I want to thank you for being a part of it.

I am always open to suggestions (as those who have emailed me know) and would love your feedback on how the blog can be improved.

But I want to leave you with the following question:

What’s your job? And what are you struggling with? Let’s try to solve this, God willing. 

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