The Main Motive for Your Actions (it’s not money)

Why are you getting an education?

To learn something new? Really? Or is the primary reason for you to get an education, to go to university, is to get a good job?

Why get a good job? To earn money, you answer quickly. But is ‘getting a job’ the best way to ‘earn money’? What about being self-employed, or starting your own business?

“But I don’t have the resources to start my own thing,” you say. Fair enough. I’ll come to you later.

But, why earn money? Think about this one now. Why do you want to earn money?

To buy stuff? To send your children to school perhaps? To put food on the table? All of the above and more? In other words, you want money to improve your overall quality of life.

But then again, is ‘more money’ the best way to ‘improve your quality of life’?

Yes, you finally say. Maybe you are just nodding, not sure that ‘more money’ is really the best way to ‘improve quality of life’.

This makes you think; “How do you I measure the quality of my life anyways?”

Is the measure of your life’s quality, of your life’s overall success is the number of possessions? The amount of money they have in the bank?

Think about it, and you will see, that you have a higher quality of life if you are happy with your life. Happiness, of all the variables, is considered the gauge for a quality life.

Let me say it plainly; money will not and does not improve your quality of life.

What the hell?

You see, you should probably hit the ceiling with shock right about now. If money is not the best way to improve your quality of life, then what the hell are you doing? Is money the motivator for you to go about doing what you do? You’d think it is. But it is not.

Improve Quality of Life” is your main motivator

This much is certain; to improve quality of your life is a worthy motivation. It is not a means to an end, but an end in itself.

Earning more money is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end. You will need money to improve your life, right? So, money is a means to an end, a ‘tool’ if you may, that you use to realize your actual objective i.e. to improve your quality of life.

A subtle difference, a MASSIVE implication

You can change your life for the better, because you realize that what most people have been saying is just plain wrong, or you have understood it all wrong. Either way, the ‘quest for more money’ is all wrong. The quest always was and is and will be to have a better quality of life.

The thing is, when you know this difference, and when you live this understanding, apply it and make decisions accordingly, you will not only be a very, very different person, but a much happier one too. Because, simply put, you WILL get what you go after. And THAT is why focus is so damn important. You must have an answer to the question, “Why are you doing this?” and the answer must lead to “so I can have a better life”. This simple question-answer session with yourself will in itself give you that smile at the end of the day. Try it, you will thank me later.

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