The Master of Experiments

The world’s a big lab. You are the scientist. Proceed…

This experiment is about creative ideas and how to put them into practice. The main subjects are of self-employment (that entrepreneurial stuff) and personal development (that life etc stuff). The theme that links these different topics together is creativity, or ways of thinking about life, work, and play that are (1) different and (2) more effective than what we are usually told.

This is science. This means we will be asking questions. We will be carrying out experiments.

Love the Process

Science is a method, a technology, a process. It is not an industry, it is not a way of life  and it is not the answer to your question.

Science is a tool. I intend to use it. I hope you will join me, my peer scientist friend.

We have been given this life. We make our assumptions. We consider a few things constant. And test everything else.

Expect Resistance

We are not being disrespectful. We are sorry if our curiosity comes off as aggression. It is not. We need to find a better way. One of the constants is that there is always a better way. We need to find it. Because the rewards are immense, and because scientists are a curious bunch.

And if you’re not being resisted, you’re going with the flow. Think about it.

Testing, 1, 2 …

Live Curiously.

And to take advantage of our findings, we must take action. We need to start things. The planning is important, but as Eistein said, “the real source of knowledge is experience”, we need to experience our theories. Test them out.

The Adventure

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of adventure is Indiana Jones. But that’s not the only type of adventure. Trying to make an honest living is an adventure, raising a family is an adventure and so is pushing yourself by doing new experiments is an adventure.

Experiments and Adventure

Treating all projects as experiments gives you that required distance from the project. You are able to think like a third-party and see things you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. And because you are not sure of the results, it becomes an adventure.

I request you, my dear scientist friend, to join me in my experiments and adventures.