Three methods to gain trust of clients

Why would a prospective client trust you especially when you’re starting out?

These three tactics will inshAllah get you more sales, by presenting you as the credible professional that you (hopefully) are!


The first method is to craft your “elevator pitch”. Too many people give a vague answer when they’re asked, “what do you do?”

Dont be that person!

You can use the following hack to craft your introduction… this introduction will

  1. get the right client for you,
  2. will prime the client to see you as a professional and
  3. will immediately set you apart as someone who knows what he or she is talking about.
gain trust with creating this elevator pitch for your clients
Your elevator pitch (taken from ProHobbyist Foundation)


Second method is to have a website that actually works FOR you. You need to craft the four pages that any pro website must have, and then you need to make sure those pages are visible on your website’s menu.

You need the following four pages:

  1. The Home Page (crafted with a singular objective and with respect your ideal client)
  2. The About page
  3. The Contact page
  4. Product / Services / Store page

Also, as you can see in the video, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to get your website… anywhere between 100 to 250 dollars is a good start to get your website up and running.

Also, make sure you have a website on your own domain and not Facebook pages… as this will help you stand out. This gives you control over how you want to present your information etc.


Third method is my favorite: educate your prospect!

Once you start looking at your “sales material” as an opportunity to “remove some pain and install some pleasure” in the lives of your prospects, they will start seeing you as an authority in your field. And everyone buys from the authority.

Even if you’re just handing out pamphlets and brochures of your work, you can make that work MORE for you; use all of your sales material to help your prospect!

This education actually serves a clear and defined purpose of establishing you as the authority in your marketplace. And everyone buys from the authority!


These three methods can help you set yourself apart from the crowd, especially when you are starting out selling services or products. Hope this was helpful,

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Wish you nothing but the best!

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