Hunza, on a bike

Hunza Attempt 2015

tl;dr / summary: 5 riders. Three from Lahore. Two joined us from Islamabad. Plan was to reach Hunza. It was to be a week long trip. There was constant rain (proper rain, not a drizzle), and that slowed us down a lot. We were in Besham (about halfway to Gilgit from Islamabad), eating lunch when the earthquake struck. Due to too many rock slides (there were 28 of them in the road ahead of us), we eventually decided to head back from Besham. It was a fantastic trip otherwise, with breathtaking sceneries, great rides on smooth roads and even greater camaraderie and all-out dudeness 🙂

The name of this entry could be Besham 2015, that’d be more factual. But truth is that we did aim for Hunza, but were not able to reach the destination, doesn’t mean we change the destination now. It is what it is.

The best way to make a plan, I was told by Mr Mohyuddin (who doesn’t like being called Mohy), was to first lock the date. Announce it and be resistant to changing it. That becomes the plan that others can then join, instead of a group of friends endlessly planning and changing travel dates because of this reason or that. 

That’s one of the best pieces of advice on making plans. Decide. Announce. And whoever can join, great, and you just then go.

So that’s what we did. About 6 of us were planning, two of us just decided the date, and four others eventually joined us.


Group rides, I’ve never done them. I have gone on a bike trip alone, it was a 4-day excursion in the face-melting heat of June, on my trusty 150.