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Structure of Success

Discover the building blocks of an organized, creative life!


This course teaches you:

  • How successful people have ALWAYS planned their day, and how now you can do that too!
  • How to make goals and BREAK THEM DOWN into a DAILY plan (so you always know what to do next!)
  • Sneak peak into my calendar to see a SIMPLE case study of managing different projects in your life
  • Culturally-relevant and context-appropriate content, delivered to you online, that you can learn and apply no matter where you are!

To welcome you to the Momekh family, this course is being offered to you as a one-time only discounted rate.

Price: Rs 3،300 Buy at Rs 1,650 only

structure of success training by Momekh
structure of success training by Momekh

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Note: you don't need to buy this to get access to the above free offer. But buying this you will take advantage of the discounted offer, and you will also learn a valuable skill of setting up your calendar for success, inshAllah.

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