Understanding Blogstarta

I’m a blogstarta, make no mistake.

I love blogging and have been at it since the day it was born. Literally. I have been blogging since the time John C. Dvorak called blogging the best thing since CD ROM.

And www.blogstarta.com is the perfect domain name for shop that helps outs bloggers.

Blogstarta is the answer that I have found to all the blogging related questions that I have faced over the past years. It is a small shop that I have set up to meet the needs for pretty much anyone who is willing to start blogging.

A person who is new to blogging would probably start off at one of the free hosting services, like WordPress.com (or if the person is really new and knows nothing, then blogspot.com 🙂 ). That is the first mistake they’d make. The best thing to do is get your own domain name and hosting. Given that these come very cheap nowadays, anywhere between USD 4 per month to USD 15 per month, here’s how a blogger should justify this cost; it is a hobby, hello?!!? You’d spend that much on a cup of coffee, so it is only wise to chip in 10 bucks per month to your blogging. The benefits of having a self-hosted blog as compared to hosting a website that someone else controls (like wordpress.com or blogspot.com) are many, but all things said and done, you’d need a domain name and hosting.

When you get the hosting and domain, you’d then need to set up your blog. This involves uploading the WordPress files onto the root of your hosting, and then installing WordPress. There are a few other things involved in this, like setting up the permalinks, setting up some basic categories and choosing the right theme for your blog. With Blogstarta, all of this gets ‘outsourced’ by the blogger to Blogstarta. Blogstarta does this for the blogger and makes the whole blogging thing  less intimidating.

After the blog has been set up, courtesy Blogstarta, the best thing I think a blogger could want is some sort of support, on things like how to do stuff with their WordPress install, how to tweak that theme, how to improve their blogging skills etc etc. This support bit is what really sets Blogstarta apart. I have set up the best-in-the-business Help Desk to support Blogstarta customers. This support will be separate from the support the hosting company will provide, and will really help the blogger out in setting a path for him or herself. God willing.

I am currently making a small video/screencast of how to sign up for Blogstarta and what Blogstarta offers. But the Blogstarta website is ready to take orders. If there are any questions, let me know in the comments section below – all suggestions are welcome.

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