Use Me

From a marketing perspective, the “USE ME” sign on waste baskets around the world, is a magnificent piece of copywriting. Much like the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign, but only non sponsored and adapted in the gazillion or so countries in the world.

You will be allowed to think that the Use Me tagline has been wasted. Pun should be obvious. But this post was not about marketing, but more about life, hence the title. Tsk. Scratch that. Rewind.

Life sucks. Maybe. Depends. It’s getting better. Life rocks. Maybe. Depends. You are confused. No, you are alive.

You use stuff. You are built that way. Consider:

Religion. One God. Prophet. Not one but many. Blessed all of them. So many believers. So convenient for you to just use it. You use it to ‘write off’ thinking about the philosophical stuff. You know, the stuff you quote to impress people – quotes from people with impressive-sounding names you can’t pronounce. You write off the ‘why are we here?’ bit with the ‘this is a test’ answer. You use it. Why? Because it fits? Does it? Why wouldn’t it, it has been fit for so many gabazillions of humans. Yes, gabazillions. But the answers fit. You keep saying that till it does fit. You find your tribe, your click, your posse. People with the same tint of faith and the same tilt on life. You are set. You use what you get and do not bother with the rest. Your gather all junk in one big, black bag and shove it down the bin that screams ‘USE ME’ and you do exactly that; use it to categorize the ‘philosophical puzzles’ of life.

Business. You use business models that suit you. You sometimes do it subconsciously, much like what you do with religion; you find a bin that does what you want it do and then use it. You are into retail because you understand that, so you don’t learn the workings of say, wholesale. Why bother? You would have to learn wholesale to do what you are already doing i.e earn money, so why bother? You use the bin and get on with the program.

Let’s make this more personal…

You see me. I am convenient. You use me. How am I convenient? Because I am geographically nearer than anyone else perhaps. It is not because I ‘fit’ your description of someone who can be used, but more probably what you have to dish out fits me. I say USE ME without knowing it. You use me knowing it very well.

I can go on with this for miles. So what’s the point? The point is that you USE stuff all the time, so why not ‘choose’ what you use rather than letting the stuff choose you? Either way, something will get used. Choose it rather than letting someone else choose it for you. A choice will be made either way, like it or friggin’ not.

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