Freelancing, especially from Pakistan, is a great way to either do full time. Or to do part time and add to your existing income.

People are earning upwards of 100,000 rupees per month doing this part time. And pretty much sky’s the limit when it comes to freelancers who are doing freelancing from Pakistan full time.

What is Freelancing

What is freelancing? It is to offer your services at a great price. 

That sounds simple. It is simple but not easy, especially if you are competing in marketplaces (like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc).

In this free guide by Momekh, we hope to show you how you can start a successful freelancing career inshAllah. 

Resources on Freelancing from Pakistan

In the following playlist, you will find the current resources available on that you can IMMEDIATELY use to get results, God willing.