Why would someone buy from me?

If there is any online business to start, it is online teaching. This business is based on just one of the six most lucrative online business models. You can learn more about the best online business ideas by clicking the link.

Online teaching can take many forms:

  1. You can write a guide or a how-to guide on something you are well versed in (like the Find Your Business action plan, or the dairy farming guide etc)
  2. You can start a membership site (like the ProHobbyist Membership)
  3. You can record videos and become an instructor on sites like Udemy – and make honest money online that way…
  4. There are many other ways you can sell information such as writing ebooks for the Amazon kindle store, using video-on-demand services like that of Vimeo’s, or like this teacher in South Korea who earned more than 4 Million US dollars teaching tuition online (I am not kidding, check this story out here)

The above are just a quick sampling of what’s possible. But there is a bigger question. People ask this when I suggest they create an online course.

The question is:

“Why would someone buy from me?”

This is a powerful question. A good question, especially for those who are trying to start an online business based around their hobbies, passions and interests.

Two Parts

And there are two parts to this question.

  1. Are you expert enough that people would buy from you? What qualifies you to make an online course about [insert skill here]?
  2. When there is so much free information available online, why would anyone pay you to learn?

Both of these questions are important. If we don’t know the answer – a solid, confident answer – to these questions, it will be difficult to fully commit to our online business.

Are you expert enough to start an online business?

I use the metaphor of a path. And you can watch this video for a quick answer:


Then there is the second type of question:

So much free information out there, why would someone pay for an online course?

And for this logical question, there is an answer that many of us miss… but you will find it is such an obvious answer once you think about it:


Do let me know what your comments are regarding these two answers. If you feel something was missed, do ask your question in the comments below.

I wish you the best, thank you for your attention,

God bless and talk soon.

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