JustAddVenture by Momekh is the official name of the blog. The is housed at https://momekh.com/jav/ The domain JustAddVenture.com also redirects to momekh.com/jav How this name came about demands a story. Behold:
Because of my triathlon exploits and micro-businesses, I was invited on a morning show. Juggan Kazim was the host. I was asked, live on air, how I get my business ideas. Wha whaat!!?But the answer came quickly and I really don’t know why it came so quickly. I said “through movement”. In Urdu, I used the famous phrase “harkat may barkat” (there is blessing in movement). But that stuck in my mind. I was (and still am) taken aback at how correct the answer was, and how little I had to do with coming up with it. The more I thought about it, this “harkat may barkat” became all the more profound. Blessing in movement! That movement, that venture, can be:
  • a road trip to the mountains,
  • starting a business or two (or three or four),
  • saving and training for international races…
  • any experiment or adventure really…
“Movement” helps you become a better person, be closer to God, contribute more, live more fully… harkat may barkat. Just add venture is a way of translating that into English. To live a life of adventure, just add venture to your life.

What are you trying to do?

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