Work with me

If you want to learn how to convert your hobby, your interest, your passion into a life-long, sustainable, lifestyle business, then I can help you…

You can join the ProHobbyist School, which is a 7 week intensive course, where all classes (well, almost all) are conducted by me. We delve into the strategies and the current tactics of what’s working, and we take your idea, passion, interest, hobby and see the best ways to turning it into a sustainable, long-term business.

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The Annual Meetup of the Momekh family! This is coming soon, but you can subscribe to the blog for updates on this… the annual meetup (I’m probably going to change the name) is where people from within the larger Momekh family come together to share their stories. We all get to teach, we all get to learn, with a few keynote presentations thrown in… the annual meetup is the place to be if you insist on living a life of adventure, on turning pro, on doing the work that matters and having one heck of a time doing it all.

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