Is This what Your God wants?

As the drama right after Salman Taseer’s murder unfolded on GeoTV here, I tried to explain to Akhtar (the servant watching the TV with me), how this Qadri has tried to punish a supposed blasphemer (as of course, nothing Mr Taseer said could be put within the realm of blasphemy).

I tried to explain to him, in as plain a language as I can muster, that the Prophet PBUH lead his beautiful life by example, by showing compassion where no one thought compassion and patience was possible.

How can someone claiming to be his follower, the follower of the great Prophet PBUH, how can that someone actually take a human life with such callousness? From where does his narrative come from?

Who injects his blood with calm intolerance and volcanic rage on matters like these?

But I already know the answer to this. You know the answer to this. It is what our ‘mullah’ tells us and it is us who listen and nod to whatever he says.

No one tells me what God wants from me!

It will be unfair on my part to calmly accept what one tells me is from God. How can I? I need sources, I need verification, I need semblance of rationale, I need coherence; I need all that to qualify anything into the wonderful world of Faith.

How can a mullah, or my Mother, or Father or Brother tell me how it is? When it comes to matters of God and His Godliness, there is none but Him.

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