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The difference between trust and respect

I need to get my vehicle fixed. The mechanic I know, he is skilled enough to fix my problem, but I don't trust him to deliver on those skills. So I will take business somewhere else. He is a nice guy and all, but I have work to do... There is respect for the mechanic,...

Why would someone buy from me?

If there is any online business to start, it is online teaching. This business is based on just one of the six most lucrative online business models. You can learn more about the best online business ideas by clicking the link. Online teaching can take many forms: You...

How to find meaningful work

Last year I had an interesting experience. I gave lectures and was invited to speak at different universities. I was talking to students on my main topic of interest: how to do work around things you love to do. I called it get paid to do what you would have paid to...

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These tools enable you to be creatively self employed and live a life of adventure! You in?

These tools enable you to be creatively self employed and live a life of adventure! You in?

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