This section will deal with the environment that you need to maintain for your livestock.

Why is the Environment Important?

Controlling the environment of the animals is that one activity that is responsible for many of the positive results. It is that 20% activity that generates 80% of the desired outcome; don’t know what I’m talking about, then read my post on the 80/20 principle.

There are some direct benefits that come when you intelligently plan out the dairy farm environment:

  1. Your animals are easier to manage: you plan it so the animals get to stay within a clean environment yet get to roam about a bit as well.
  2. Your animals are easier to feed: a well planned feeding area (khurli, as they call it in Punjabi/Urdu), surprisingly goes a long way in helping you manage your farm.
  3. It becomes easier for you to control the temperature of the shed: With basic systems of Cooling Fans and Water Sprinklers, you can try to keep a check on Pakistan’s hot summers! (It does get quite hot in some areas – as much as 48 degreeĀ Celsius – so all that you can do to cool the shed temperature, you should do!).

The Environment of your Dairy Farm includes:

  1. The Shed
    1. Construction of the shed to ensure maximum ventilation
    2. Instead of using traditional methods, you can use a combination of the new and the old, to have the same cooling effect and save money! I have seen sheds that looks like a bloody airport, and probably costed as much… you don’t need to spend too much on shed construction. Again, keeping in mind as to ‘why you are getting the shed made‘ helps you check your expenditure.
    3. Why are you getting the shed made? To give the animals a comfortable environment. Much like how we control the environment of our rooms with Air Conditioners and coolers and what not, you should look into maximizing comfort within a set budget.
  2. The Cooling System
    1. Cooling Fans (click here to read more about Cooling Fans)
    2. Water Sprinklers

This is not a complete list, but only includes the essentials.

Any dairy shed should provide an easy way to keep the area clean, easily provide and replenish the food for the animals, and have some sort of cooling system.

The exact costs to expect to construct your shed, the actual dairy shed plan and diagrams etc, will be uploaded as I put in more resources.

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