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What Matters Most Not What We Think

Who you are and where you’re from does not matter. What matters is what you decide from this moment on. Isn’t that horrifyingly simple? We are lead to believe that we are our biographies, that our past will determine our future. Things like, “but you can’t do this because you’re from a third world country,” […]

Carpe Diem: A short note on death

There is this nifty little tool Carpe Diem, which gives you a statistically accurate prediction on how much time you have to live. Here’s what the data tells me about me (based on Lahore, Pakistan): Of course, I can die tomorrow, or I can outlive all of us here, but like everyone, I will die. What then?

The Easiest Method of Accepting Credit Cards from your Customers [Doing Business Online]

Receiving online payments from your customers is not as simple as some make it sound. But it is not as complicated either. And if you are trying to run a digital kingdom from Pakistan, then there are few more hoops that you may have to jump through. But this is something that is fun to […]

Hunting for the Perfect Camera To record adventure & business videos on

OK, so an interesting turn of events regarding the ‪#‎CameraHunt‬ I MUST decide by tomorrow which camera to get for my videos. I wanted to first buy a ‪#‎Canon‬ 700D, used. Then a ‪#‎Nikon‬ D3200 (it actually shoots better video and is a LOT lighter and smaller — search YouTube for indepth comparison between the […]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Should You do Lucrative Work or Fulfilling Work?

Have questions regarding converting your hobby into an online business, running a blog as a business or living a life of adventure? Head over to +++ I was recently asked this question, and I quote: “I hope you can shed some light as they are directly related to how you do what you do. […]

How to Generate $10,000 a Month from a Brand New Blog The 10% of Neil Patel's Challenge

Neil Patel is an SEO expert, an entrepreneur and a blogger extraordinaire. I have learnt a lot about blogging and search engine marketing from his blog over the years. And he recently announced a “challenge” to earn $100,000 per month from a new blog that he will launch. Yeah you read that right, 100,000 US […]

5 Steps to make it EASY to talk about money

Thinking about money got me thinking about toasters. You see, I’ve got a question for you: is money the root of all evil? Aren’t people – people making choices, albeit poor one – are the root of evil? Yes, they use money to “express” their evil… just like guns don’t kill people, people kill people. And this gets me […]

Why Most People Die at Age 25? And what can I do about it

Watch the video and leave your answer in the comments below (one lucky winner will win a virtual high five and a chance to give high fives to 5 other less lucky winners) Life means growth. No growth means there is no life. Here’s the quote: Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until […]

Here’s How the Good Guys Can Stop Finishing Last

There is a scene in the Avengers movie, where Bruce Banner – the guy who turns into the Hulk – is asked, “how did you finally control your anger and can now turn into the Hulk on cue?” Now all through the movie, he is asked this question, and just before he could answer it, […]

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