Step 1 is to do the Friday Refresh (3 more steps)

I have covered elsewhere why these four fundamentals of execution are the only things you need to live a structured, disciplined yet creative and spontaneous life:

  1. Have a big exciting goal
  2. Have a list of behaviors that once done, will get you to achieve that goal
  3. Maintain a daily and weekly scorecard of those behaviors (not the main goal, but the behaviors, this is important)
  4. Do a weekly review of your score (that you got in step 3), and review if the behaviors are serving you and taking you in the direction of your big exciting goal.

Of these four steps, the fourth is the most important.

This is quite counterintuitive. The fourth step comes after the first three, right?

But you can do the fourth step – the weekly review – and remind yourself that you don’t have an exciting goal, you dont have any behaviors you’re pursuing and that you have no scorecard to see if you are winning or losing.

Instead of four things, focus simply on the one thing, the weekly review. It will remind you of your current situation, it will make you uncomfortable, and it will get you to take action. It will remind you that next week, God willing, you will have to do this again, and again see your shortcomings.

The weekly review has that power.

I have a free guide on how you can do the weekly review. It is free for all members of Structure of Success and for all Premium members as well.

the friday refresh course by Momekh

Click here to access the free course called The Friday Refresh, and take back control of your life. Bismilla.

If you want access to the Friday Refresh, you can purchase Structure of Success.

I wish you the best and look forward to your success,

God bless and talk soon,

Mohammad Khan

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