/Now: I used to have tasks pretending to be goals. Now I have a few “process goals” that I need to execute on… that takes care of my day-to-day #Alhumdulillah.

/Now: I am more self aware as I maintain a record of what I eat. I use this absolutely fantastic app with a lame name: MyFitnessPal (I use the free version there is a paid one too. The app’s by Under Armor). Just search on Play Store for My Fitness Pal. Count away!

I was uncomfortable calorie counting… but reframing it as self awareness puts it in the right perspective for me, and makes me want to keep doing it till I get back in shape.

My knee is still feels dodgy, but I am on track inshAllah to be within my targeted fitness levels after at least two long lazy years.

/Now: Bike trip to Hunza turned out awesome! Picture and videos soon! God willing!

/Now: I am trying to build a membership site (ProHobbyist Membership) and trying to pitch to someone to sponsor my adventures up North.

convert hobby to online business

My main work now. Click img for more.

Trying to do “this one thing” and build it over the next two years or so, before taking on any other serious project. I have a few “legacy” projects that will run their due course sometimes early next year. So I am working “full time” building out this membership site.

When will this project be a success? When I reach 400 paying members. I also envision a team of about 4 people that do this on a day-to-day basis (That’s two day-to-day phrases used in one post: that’s a good sign if all you do is airquotes strategize… a word that my text editor is rightly not recognizing as a proper word)

I am hoping to do that by end of next year 2017. Or by start of 2018. After I have 400 paying members for the site, I am going to consider other projects. Before that, I am not taking on anything else. That’s what I am doing now.


I am also hiring, if you are interested, check out the careers’ page.

This Now page is inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now page initiative (am I saying this right?). Learn more here