Projects by Momekh

As a profession, I would qualify as a writer and entrepreneur I am a professional addventurer.

And for the love of acronyms, the projects are simply deadline-based, for-profit ACE’s (Adventures, Challenges and Experiments). Also, my love for acronyms is why my full name was concatenated into Momekh. My name is Mohammad Khan.  

For the not-for-profits ACE’s, check out the travel diaries as being updated here

I present to you some of the projects I’ve been involved in by God’s Grace.

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That Fateful Cup of Tea

The following is taken from the Milk Distribution Case Study, a detailed breakdown of how one can start their own small milk brand. Read more about that here. +++ 200 kilometers away from home, my Mehran parked under the shade, I watch as the tractor pulled away. The...

Dairy Farming in Pakistan

You will know why dairy farming is a good business, and what to look out for when you are starting out, because I am going to share some of my experiences (I was involved directly in dairy farming for three+ years). My first hand experience starting a dairy farm here...


  • JustAddVenture
    Professional AddVenturer
    Professional AddVenturer

    I have always tried to find focus in my life, and that – by God’s Grace – has given my great benefits throughout my living memory. It seemed to be the trying instead of the actual finding that really helped.
    JustAddVenture is my mission to help others add movement in their life. Not physical movement like move around, lose fat, burn calories, whatever kind of movement (although that is awesome if you do that)… but movement as in action. The Urdu phrase that I’ve tried to translate is “harkat may barkat“… there is blessing in movement. I will, God willing, be keeping this blog about maximizing one’s life. Getting the most out of life, this is what JustAddVenture is all about.

  • ProHobbyist
    Convert your hobbies into an online business. Plain and simple. Click here to know more.
    A custom 3D cake business here in Lahore. I am mostly involved in testing cakes (yummy!) and making sure the website stays humming.
  • SingleBolt Momekh Media
    SingleBolt provides digital marketing services.  has two main functions; to make sense of all the things that I find interesting, and providing an interface to all of the advertising activities that go around because of it. From award winning blogs to highly-targeted niche sites, Momekh Media has a few web properties in its name, and is slowly but surely growing, Alhumdulillah.
  • BlogStarta
    Platform and training for professional bloggers: people who want to start a blog as a business/profession. Click to know more.
  • kemaak milk door to door milk delivery in lahore
    A sign-board for a short lived milk shop experiment. Kemaak proper delivered milk to homes.



    Supply (distribution) of raw milk around Lahore (covering Cantonment, Cavalry Grounds and Gulberg). This outfit has been going for over two years, by God’s Grace and although the amount of milk supplied daily is not that high, I am very satisfied with providing the best milk in Lahore. No, seriously, that is what Kemaak does.


  • cake delivery across Lahore
    A Class Act – a pre cursor to in a way.

    Kemaak also has A Class Act, that supplies food items and birthday supplies around and within Lahore. Home delivery of quality cakes is how I’d define Kemaak’s A Class Act. Bouncy Castles and other party items are also delivered. We also, by God’s Grace, arrange full fledged birthday parties at client’s location of choice (we have managed birthday parties at practically all baunquet halls in Lahore, including Pearl Continental, Avari, Qasr-e-Noor and Defence Community Center). Our character cakes are particulary famous. 🙂



  • crop farming in Punjab, Pakistan
    YBG Farms – my main stay for 9 years.

    YBG Farms


    I just love the name. In Punjabi, the term used for doing agriculture is waee-beejee, and is pronounced almost exactly like the Y.B.G. YBG Farms is an agriculture enterprise. A significant sized land leased, cultivated, and only recently, I have added a small dairy farming operation next to the cropping enterprise.


Freelancing and Other Details

If you are interested in earning money creatively, there is a list of projects I did that you can check out here.

I took dairy farming as the most systematic of all businesses that I’d done. I ended up writing a book on it. I have since sold the profitable farm.

I used to get quite amused at people’s open appreciation of ‘doing so many things’. I found it hard to explain that it is nothing fancy, nothing to do with my abilities, but everything to do with God’s Grace and my sometimes-tested intentions of doing things differently.

You can subscribe to JustAddVenture by Momekh (this blog) to stay up-to-date on the entrepreneur lifestyle, business and marketing (peppered with a bunch of other topics that I tend to like). I try to be as open as possible here, in hopes that you also find the inspiration to do things differently, and more importantly, do things to live life to the fullest, God willing.