Is THIS the Biggest Risk You are Taking Right Now?

Was lucky enough to be invited at TEDxFairyMeadows as a speaker. I talked on “The Biggest Risk”.

I talked about how we think we are avoiding risks but that “risk avoidance” may be the biggest blunder we make. Maybe. See the video and let me know if you agree?

You may already know that, for example, doing a job is as risky as being in business (reason # 1 in the 7 Reasons to Quit Your Job)

The video is less than 4 minutes long. Hope you find it helpful. The video is on Vimeo (so people in countries where YouTube is inaccessible can see it 🙂 )

Here is the video:

The description of the video states: On a mission to help people live intentional, creative, fulfilling, adventurous lives. Mohammad Khan helps people quit their jobs and be creatively self employed.

  • The message also got heard far and wide: we have recently been covered at the TEDx blog as well.
  • The curator of TEDxFairyMeadows, Saad Hamid, has written round up of the event here (while you’re at it, you can message Saad on his FB wall to appreciate his tenacity to promote Pakistan and adventure on the TED global forum).
  • For more information on the speakers at TEDxFairyMeadows, see their page here.

A Special Note: Today is July 2, 2013. Half yearly review is under way. I am very happy with how things have gone so far in terms of spreading the overall message of this community i.e. to live intentional, creative and adventurous lives. Thanks to you (and your feedback via comments and emails), I get the encouragement I need to keep at it.

  • If you can help me spread this message further (of living adventurous lives, especially from/in Pakistan), you can contact me here.
  • A simple link back or a share on your Facebook page etc also helps!
  • If you work in media (new or otherwise), I may have a media kit for you too. See here.

But Where’s The Money?

Giving talks and interviews etc is all good, but it doesn’t make you money. And money, against popular belief, is nothing more than a tool. I am working on a few products, have already put out two in the past and I hope that I am able to come up with meaningful and helpful products in the future as well.

The next product in line is an eBook that will address the following issue, “how to find my business and other creative ideas to start making money on the side“.

Also, the ProHobbyist Workshop will return inshAllah in September. This time, in Dubai!! Stay tuned! 🙂 If you want to attend the workshop in Dubai (6 hour, 1-day workshop), contact me at this link.

As always, the content of this blog is and will always remain free. By God’s Grace, I derive tremendous value from providing value (or trying to!). I only hope and pray that you find the content useful, and take action to improve your quality of life. God willing.

Thank you and talk soon.

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